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Restricted Stock Units Made Simple (Part 1): Understanding The Core Concepts

By The myStockOptions Editorial Team

Restricted stock units (RSUs) have become the most popular alternative to stock options. This article explains what you need to know about RSUs to make the most of them.


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FAQ: 2016 UPDATES! Are there guidelines for calculating AMT trigger points? For example, if my spouse and I earn $200,000 per year, will we trigger the AMT when I exercise ISOs?

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FAQ: UPDATES! Has the likelihood of a tax audit increased?

FAQ: UPDATES! Do companies grant stock options or restricted stock to directors? Any survey data on director grants?

Article: VIDEO! Incentive Stock Options (ISOs): Taxes

Article: Stock Option Terms: What You Can Expect

FAQ: UPDATES! To seek financial aid for my children's college tuition, I need to report my income and assets to the US Department of Education on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Should I list my stock grants? At what value?

FAQ: NEW! Too much Social Security tax was withheld. How do I recover the excess amount?

Article: Techniques To Defer Or Reduce Taxes On The Sale Of Your Company's Shares (Part 1): QSB Stock

FAQ: UPDATES! What is the tax treatment of ISOs after death?

Article: NEW! LLCs And Equity Incentive Plans (Part 1): Making Sense Of Your Equity Interests

Article: NEW! LLCs And Equity Incentive Plans (Part 2): Income Tax Consequences Of LLC Equity Grants

FAQ: UPDATES! What would happen to my AMT credit at death, or to an AMT credit created by my estate?

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Stomach Volatility In Your Company's Stock Without Losing Your Mind
By Joanna Glasner, Matt Simon, and Bruce Brumberg

Don't feel anxious or discouraged about stock-price volatility. As the experts will tell you, equity compensation is a tool for building wealth over the long term.

Restricted Stock Units Made Simple (Part 1): Understanding The Core Concepts
By The myStockOptions Editorial Team

Restricted stock units (RSUs) have become the most popular alternative to stock options. This article explains what you need to know about RSUs to make the most of them.

Six ESPP Essentials (Part 1): Enrollment, Plan Type, Purchase Timing
By The myStockOptions Editorial Team

An employee stock purchase plan can be a great benefit, but the rules and taxation are tricky. This two-part article presents six topics you must be familiar with to get the most from your ESPP. Part 1 covers enrollment, plan types, and offering/purchase periods.

Ten Financial-Planning Rules Everyone With Stock Options Needs To Know
By Michael Beriss

Managing stock options is one of the most complex financial-planning challenges an employee may face. These 10 guidelines will help you get the most out of your option grants.

Retirement Planning With Stock Options, Restricted Stock, And Other Stock Compensation (Part 1: Pre-Retirement Planning)
By Carol Cantrell

Stock compensation is important for retirement planning. Understand the issues and explore strategies, whether you are planning for retirement, are nearing retirement, or have retired already.

The Alternative Minimum Tax Sweet Spot: Planning Opportunities
By Tom Davison and William Whitaker

"My income is around half a million dollars, and I'm paying the alternative minimum tax. It's annoying, and I feel trapped. Now what?" Surprisingly, the best move may be to increase income, and pay even more alternative minimum tax! Find out why by reading this intriguing article.

The Equity Compensation Planning Dilemma For Corporate Executives
By Geoffrey M. Zimmerman, CFP®

Podcast included! Executives, as corporate insiders, must perform a delicate balancing act to meet the needs, demands, and perceptions of the various constituencies interested in their company's stock. This article looks at these concerns and explores ways to manage them that can improve the chances of achieving financial goals.

My Company Is Being Acquired: What Happens To My Stock Options? (Part 1)
By Richard Lintermans

The terms of your option grants, the terms of the M&A deal, and the valuation of your company's stock all affect the treatment of stock options in M&A. What happens to your unvested options is the main focus of concern.

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