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Our independent and unbiased expertise can help you maximize the financial benefits of stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, stock appreciation rights, and ESPPs.

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Selected articles and FAQs
Glossary of essential terms
Interactive quizzes to test your knowledge of equity compensation
Videos on equity awards and the related taxation
Podcasts you can download for easy listening anywhere
Full Tax Center that will help you understand tax basics, withholding
rules, and filing rules; annotated
examples show you how to report
your gains on IRS Form 8949 and Schedule D
All the exclusive articles by our
staff and other leading experts in
financial planning, tax and securities
law, and stock-based pay
800+ exclusive FAQs that
thoroughly cover all aspects of equity compensation, from the basics to sophisticated financial-planning
Global Tax Guide to taxation of
stock-based pay in many countries
Continuing-education self-study courses for CFP and CEP credits

myRecords Portfolio Tracker for
stock options, restricted stock/RSUs,
and SARs

myAlerts email notices on vesting,
expiration, and target values

Quick-Take Calculator
For Stock Options
Quick-Take Calculator
For SARs
Quick-Take Calculator
For Restricted Stock
I Need The Money Calculator
Graphing in the calculators
and myRecords
Comparison Modeling Tool
Discussion Forum for sharing knowledge and experiences
with other users
Ask The Experts archive of
helpful answers to your questions
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