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"A whole host of useful articles, FAQs, and tools."
Sue Stevens, is an independent resource on the entire range of topics in equity compensation. Developed by industry experts, our site offers unbiased professional excellence without conflicts of interest. Our always up-to-date content gives you strategies, insights, and solutions to help you serve your clients. Our recordkeeper and calculators, whether used for simple or complex financial planning, are fast, reliable, and easy to master.

With a Premium or Pro Membership:

  • Simplify and speed your research and presentation for clients.

  • Learn and comply with tax and securities laws, explained clearly with links to actual rules published by the IRS, the US Treasury, and the SEC. We offer engaging content by leading experts, plus self-study courses for CFP continuing education credit.

  • Monitor, track, and model with the value and key dates of clients' options, restricted stock, RSUs, and SARs. MSO Pro has special features for handling and communicating with multiple clients.

  • Attract clients and professional referrals with a profile in AdvisorFind from This benefit is free with your first term of Premium or Pro membership.

Your firm can license a customized version of or buy bulk subscriptions to Premium or Pro Memberships for advisors. You can also individually subscribe by becoming a Premium or Pro Member. For information on our offerings, please contact us at or 617-734-1979.

Many of our clients are at major securities companies and independent advisory firms. Below is a selected list (for a complete list, see Who Subscribes?).

"A boutique firm, we use your site to analyze and anticipate our clients' stock options. Love your website."
Jared Roskelley, CFP, Jackson Financial Advisors

Major Securities/Brokerage Firms

Charles Schwab & Co.
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
Smith Barney
UBS Financial Services
Wells Fargo

Independent Financial Advisory/Wealth Management Firms

Condor Capital
New England Divorce Solutions
Trinity Financial Advisors
Summit Financial Strategies
CapTrust Financial Advisors
Thomas & Assoc. Financial Advisors
Sagemark Consulting
Lydian Wealth Management