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Prestigious companies, financial service firms, and stock plan providers license our content and tools to educate stock plan participants about the full range of issues in equity compensation. Education is vital for ensuring that stock compensation motivates and retains highly valued employees and executives. Our licensees show a commitment to providing the best financial education and empowering individuals to make informed personal-finance decisions.

"If your employees have questions about the tax treatment of their stock compensation, is a great resource for them."
Barbara Baksa, Executive Director, National Association of Stock Plan Professionals

We are the premier provider of online educational content and tools on stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, ESPPs, and other forms of equity compensation. Our excellence is attested by our awards and media coverage, our US patent, and the praise of people who use the site and license our content. Developed by industry experts, our content and tools remain independent and unbiased, offering professional excellence without conflicts of interest. Publications ranging from Money to Human Resource Executive have consistently honored with best-of titles.

Choices For Customization

All or part of is available for licensing, customization, and integration on a private label or co-branded basis. We call this our Knowledge Center (click here for a video tour). All our features can be seamlessly built right into your website. Companies, brokerage firms, financial institutions, third-party stock plan administration providers, consulting firms, and financial advisors are enhancing their websites, participant materials, and newsletters with our expert, highly trusted interactive premium features:

  • engaging articles
  • 800+ FAQs
  • videos and podcasts
  • glossary
  • Global Tax Guide
  • calculators and modeling tools
  • fun, informative quizzes is run by leading publishers in stock compensation. We have the expertise, resources, and editorial independence to accurately update and expand our content and tools in a timely manner. has all the answers... San Francisco Chronicle

Licensees Attract Users

Our licensing clients in the financial industry have included Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, E*Trade, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Computershare, The Bank of New York, Mellon Investor Services, EquiServe, J.P. Morgan Private Bank, and Wilmington Trust. For each license we tailor an offering of cost-effective financial content and tools that meets the licensee's needs. Financial institutions also license our content and tools for advisor education and training and for client presentations. Major stock plan service providers license our content for their plan participant and plan sponsor sites.

MSO Pro For Financial Advisors

"The Knowledge Center has made a positive impact on employee morale and benefits and has changed the way I educate employees for equity-related issues. Employees understand concepts much better with the straightforward illustrations."
Lori Serrano, CEP
Former Manager, Stock Administration
Accuray Inc.

Financial advisors who are serious about attracting stock clients with equity compensation will want to use our award-winning Pro. It has innovative features that let you model and track grants for multiple clients, and that help with proactive client communications.

For more information, see our brochure, email, or call (617) 734-1979.

Flexible Corporate Services offers other corporate services. We build full custom websites for companies. With special custom versions of, companies can import their employees' stock plan data into the online portfolio-tracker, post their stock plan documents, tailor the extensive educational content to their plan specifics, and further modify the site to fit their look and feel. Alternatively, we can seamlessly build our Knowledge Center of content and/or tools right into your HR or benefits portal.

We also offer discounted rates for bulk subscriptions to Premium Membership, which gives access to all of our thorough and well-organized content, the myRecords portfolio-tracker, and our dynamic calculators and modeling tools.