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"Great content. You have the ability to explain very technical tax stuff and make it understandable."
Linda Hart, Director,
Payroll & Stock Administration, Box

Effective education and communications are vital for the success of a company's stock plans, as shown by experience and studies. Your company can maximize the value of its stock plans with any of our three main corporate services:

  1. A license to integrate our award-winning content and/or tools into your company's HR, compensation, and benefits portals
  2. A custom website that automatically imports employees' stock grant data into our portfolio-tracker and tools
  3. Bulk subscriptions to Premium Membership of our public site at a discounted rate for corporate staff, executives, or all employees

Our Clients

Stock compensation remains crucial for attracting, retaining, and motivating both employees and executives. It creates an ownership culture that keeps a workforce engaged.

Our clients are committed to helping employees make the most of their equity compensation with our independent, unbiased educational content, tax guides, and tools. The more education you provide, the better employees will understand and appreciate their stock grants. They will make smarter and better-informed decisions.

In addition to stock plan service providers and financial advisors, past and current clients for our custom sites, licensed content, or bulk memberships include:

"The Knowledge Center is a valuable supplement to the educational resources we offer our associates. They find the tax information and annotated tax forms extremely helpful."
Nancy Kennedy, CEP,
Former Manager Executive Stock Planning, Staples

Marvell Semiconductor
Cardinal Health
Fifth Third Bank
T. Rowe Price
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Array Biopharma
Chesapeake Energy
Clovis Oncology
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
Axcan Pharma
Rohm and Haas
BRE Properties
Compass Bank
Astoria Financial
Dollar Tree Stores
Virginia Financial Group
Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison
Latham & Watkins
First Energy Corporation
Intrabiotics Pharmaceuticals
ESCO Technologies
BNSF Railway
Odyssey RE

We Build A Stock Plan Website For You

With special custom versions of, companies can import their employees' stock plan data into the online portfolio-tracker, post their stock plan documents, tailor the extensive educational content to their plan specifics, and further modify the site to fit their look and feel. We can customize all the content, calculators, and tools on to fit your company's stock plans, employee culture, and corporate goals. Our tools are so innovative and useful that we received a patent! For more information, contact

"We license the Knowledge Center from Our employees are very happy that we have made this information available to them. Thanks for putting up such a great site!"
Helen Idnani, CEP,
Stock Administration Manager, Marvell Semiconductor

We License Our Trusted Content To You And Build It Into Your Company's Website

All or part of the award-winning features of are available for licensing, customization, or integration on a private label or co-branded basis. Our content and/or tools can be seamlessly built right into your HR or benefits portal with our Knowledge Center product (click here for a video tour).

Companies, brokerage firms, financial institutions, third-party providers, consulting firms, and financial advisors are enhancing their websites with our expert, highly trusted interactive premium features. These include:

Our editorial staff and prestigious team of experts on stock compensation, legal, tax, and financial-planning topics continually update our content to keep it a reliable source of up-to-the-minute information. With great daily enthusiasm, we keep our content current, add new materials, and develop innovative features. For more on all of our content and tools, take the site tour. For affordable pricing and a proposal, contact or call us at 617-734-1979.

Bulk Subscriptions To Our Public Site For Corporate Staff And/Or Your Employees

"Plan sponsors looking for information on stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, and ESPPs have a new resource at their disposal: the Knowledge Center."

Many companies buy discounted bulk memberships (click here for an outline of basic rates). These give HR, compensation, stock plan, and finance staff full access to our premium content. (Approved by the Certified Equity Professional Institute, our courses of study and exams for CEPs provide 15 credits of continuing education, a great benefit for stock plan professionals at your company.)

Companies also purchase memberships at bulk discounted rates for their executives. Small and private companies buy bulk memberships for all employees.

  • Too many questions from employees and executives? Rolling out a new stock plan or new type of stock award, such as RSUs? Our award-winning educational content is intuitively organized and easy to understand, giving your employees and executives a self-service way to answer their questions.

  • Do employees and executives need a secure place to store grant data and calculate the value of their holdings? The flexible and powerful tools of can help.

"I routinely recommend as the premier online resource of education in stock options, restricted stock, and ESPPs. It saves me time. Instead of constantly coming to me with questions, our employees visit the site for its trustworthy educational content and tools."
Charles E. Hall Sr.,
Former 2nd Vice President & Stock Options Plan Administrator,

Bulk Premium Memberships at give full access to all of our thorough and well-organized content, the myRecords portfolio-tracker, and all of our dynamic calculators and modeling tools.

We provide confidential promotional codes for registration/upgrade, so no IT department is needed to implement bulk Premium Memberships. We can even prepare the related email communications to your employees. Discounts begin with bulk memberships for five users, and steeper discounts are available for more memberships. For details, contact

Get The Most From Your Stock Plans, either in parts or in its entirety, can become an integral part of your stock plan education and communications efforts for all your employees, including executives. You can:

  • Offer your employees a trusted service with instant online access from their office and home to their grant data and/or as much educational information as possible about stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, SARs, performance shares, and ESPPs, and your company's equity plans
  • Save staff time and make your job easier when employees use our comprehensive educational content to answer their numerous questions about stock grants and ESPPs
  • Convey to employees the long-term value of their stock grants and their stake in the company, factors that affect your share price volatility, the unique features and benefits of your stock plans compared with those of your competitors, and equity compensation's connection to personal performance and your business strategy
  • Complement employee meetings and seminars on your stock plan and on insider trading prevention, helping employees be more knowledgeable about personal finance and tax topics

  • Deliver plan materials and documents more efficiently and economically online through the interface

"An absolute knockout. Great modeling capabilities; informative with high-quality yet very readable content on a complicated subject."
Charles Christian,
Johnson & Johnson, former Director of Planning & Development,
Worldwide Compensation Resources

Flexible Choices For Licensing & Customization

We can add to, remove, or modify any of the features you see on the public version of, including topical sections, articles, and links to other resources. Your company can even purchase bulk Premium Membership subscriptions at reduced rates, giving your employees and executives access to all of our Premium content and tools.

We can even customize our highly popular quizzes to fit your stock plans. This makes the quizzes a useful tool for education and communications when you award new grants, switch from options to restricted stock, or near a major vesting date.

We offer various levels of customization to meet your needs and budget. For information, see our brochure about customization services and the press release about a Fortune 500 health-care company that used our custom site for its employees. For more details and a proposal, email or call (617) 734-1979.