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Basics Of Restricted Stock & Restricted Stock Units

Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of, explains how restricted stock and RSUs work, including grant, vesting, sale, and taxation.
Running Time: 8:05

Basics Of Stock Options

Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of, explains how options work and presents the related issues, including exercise, vesting, job termination, and tax reporting.
Running Time: 6:21

Basics Of ESPPs

Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of, explains how ESPPs work, including enrollment, offering periods, lookbacks, purchase, and taxation.
Running Time: 7:41

Basics Of SEC Law & Insider Trading

Bruce Brumberg, the editor-in-chief of, explains the securities laws and regulations you need to know to stay out of trouble with the SEC, with a focus on insider trading, 10b5-1 plans, Rule 144, and Section 16.
Running Time: 13:58

What's New For Reporting Stock Sales On Your Tax Return

Get the latest on Form 1099-B, Form 8949, Schedule D, and other tax-return topics involving stock compensation.
Running Time: 4:17

Tax Return Tips & Avoiding Reporting Mistakes

Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of, explains tax-return reporting for stock compensation and how to avoid expensive mistakes that attract unwanted IRS attention.
Running Time: 9:27

Why Restricted Stock And RSUs Are A Good Deal

Compensation expert Richard Friedman explains what makes restricted stock and restricted stock units valuable equity awards. While these types of grants do not have the potential upside of stock options, they offer their own significant benefits. This interview is a companion to Mr. Friedman's article on this topic in the Restricted Stock section of the website, where he also has articles on financial and tax planning for restricted stock and RSUs.
Running Time: 11:37

Tax-Law Changes: Impacts On Stock Option And Restricted Stock Strategies

CFP Alan Ungar explains the ways in which recent tax-rate increases can affect decisions about when to exercise stock options, when to sell company shares, and how to plan for income from restricted stock/RSU vesting. This audio recording is a companion to Mr. Ungar's article on these topics elsewhere on this website.
Running Time: 9:40

How To Avoid Mistakes And Create Wealth With Your Stock Options

NEW! Stock options can be very lucrative if handled properly, but there are situations in which people can easily make mistakes with them. In this interview, CFP Paul Palazzo discusses the most common financial-planning errors he sees that involve stock options—and how to avoid those pitfalls. This audio recording is a companion to Mr. Palazzo's article on the same topic.
Running Time: 9:24

Your Company Stock: The Importance Of Diversification

CFP Laura Tanner shares her wisdom on investment diversification for employees with holdings of company stock. This audio recording is a companion to Ms. Tanner's article on diversification on the website.
Running Time: 8:33

Financial Planning For Stock Compensation

CFP Alan Ungar gives guidance on the best time to exercise stock options, and expresses his strong point of view on what employees should do with shares acquired from restricted stock/RSU vesting. This audio recording is a companion to Mr. Ungar's article series on option exercise strategies.
Running Time: 10:08

How To Maximize The Value Of Stock Compensation While Minimizing Risk

Your stock compensation may be your most valuable investment. Financial advisor William Baldwin explains his approaches to minimizing risk while trying to optimize the value of equity awards. This audio recording is a companion to Mr. Baldwin's articles on his least-regret analysis for equity compensation, getting the most from stock options, and a financial advisor's view of stock plans.
Running Time: 11:08

A Holistic Approach To Equity Compensation, And Special Dilemmas Faced By Executives

CFP Geoffrey Zimmerman explains why it is important to see equity awards in the big picture of your life, including your circumstances, values, activities, and goals, before you make any financial-planning decisions with your grants. He also comments on the special planning dilemmas faced by senior executives with stock compensation. This audio recording is a companion to Mr. Zimmerman's articles on the holistic approach to stock comp and special issues for executives in the Financial Planning section of this website.
Running Time: 10:35

Stock Option Strategy To Diversify Away Your Company Stock Risk

In this interview, CFP Robert Pyle makes the case for diversifying at least some of your holdings in stock compensation and your company's shares to reduce your investment risk. Because your salary already depends on the company's fortunes, and as you may already own company stock in your 401(k), it may be wise to dollar-cost-average out of your company's stock on a regular schedule. This audio recording is a companion to Mr. Pyle's article on the same topic.
Running Time: 8:26

Taking An Overseas Assignment: Stock Compensation For Internationally Mobile Employees

For internationally mobile employees, the tax treatment of equity compensation can be extremely complex. In this interview, Deloitte consultant Mark Miller explains the issues that employees should consider when they are preparing to take a job assignment in a foreign country. This audio recording is a companion to Mr. Miller's articles on taxation for internationally mobile employees in the Financial Planning section of this website.
Running Time: 16:07

How Pre-IPO Stock Compensation May Change Upon The Company's IPO

As privately held companies prepare for their market debuts, they make changes in equity compensation programs. Compensation consultant Ryan Harvey explains some of the shifts you can expect in your stock grants both during the period leading up to your IPO and after your company goes public. This audio recording is a companion to an article by Mr. Harvey and Bryan Smith in the Pre-IPO section of this website.
Running Time: 10:30

Hedging Employee Stock Options And Company Stock

Financial advisor Robert Gordon explains some advanced techniques that can be used to hedge employee stock options or concentrated holdings in company stock as a way to reduce investment risk, especially among executives who have significant amounts of compensation tied up in equity awards or company shares. This interview is a companion to Mr. Gordon's articles on hedging topics in the section Financial Planning: High Net Worth.
Running Time: 11:15

College Funding With Stock Compensation

In this interview, college-funding advisor Troy Onink explains strategies for the use of stock options, restricted stock/RSUs, and other equity awards to pay for the ever-increasing costs of higher education. This audio recording is a companion to Mr. Onink's article series in the College Funding section of this website.
Running Time: 11:16