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Introducing Podcasts by offers podcasts on a variety of topics in equity compensation. Listen to concise Q&As and professional interviews in your web browser, or on the go with a portable media player. You can subscribe to the convenient RSS feed and have our podcasts delivered straight to your feed aggregator (e.g. iTunes, My Yahoo, Google Reader) without ever having to check here for updates.

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Recent Podcasts:
What's New For Reporting Stock Sales On Your Tax Return
Reporting stock sales has gotten more complex. Learn more about the expanded 1099-B, Form 8949, and revised Schedule D in an interview with Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of
Running Time: 4:17

The Basics Of SEC Law & Insider Trading
A discussion about the basics of SEC law with Bruce Brumberg, the editor-in-chief of Learn about the various rules and securities laws you need to know, with a focus on insider trading, Rule 10b5-1 plans, Rule 144, and Section 16.
Running Time: 13:58

Tax Return Tips & Avoiding Reporting Mistakes
A discussion with Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of, about reporting all types of stock compensation on your tax return. Learn how to avoid common (and expensive!) errors that can attract unwanted IRS attention.
Running Time: 9:27

The Basics Of ESPPs
An interview with Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of He discusses all the key features and mechanics of ESPPs, including enrollment, offering periods, lookbacks, purchasing, and taxation.
Running Time: 7:41

Restricted Stock Basics
This succinct interview with Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of, explains the basics of restricted stock and restricted stock units (RSUs), including the major issues at grant, vesting, and sale, as well as the choices for taxation.
Running Time: 8:05

Basics Of Stock Options
This succinct Q&A with Bruce Brumberg, editor-in-chief of, explains the key features of stock options, including exercise, vesting, termination of employment, taxation, and the tax reporting of stock sales.
Running Time: 6:21