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The goal of myStockOptions.com is to provide educational content and financial-planning tools that can help you, your clients, or your employees profit from stock compensation: stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, performance shares, ESPPs, and stock appreciation rights. With clear, lively writing and independent, unbiased expertise, we seek to make you smarter about the financial planning, tax, and legal issues that surround equity compensation.

"Great site. One of the best features is the practical articles that clearly explain issues and planning."
Franco C. Fini, CPA

Our editorial team specializes in making complex legal and tax concepts understandable to people who do not enjoy reading the Internal Revenue Code or the securities laws. The articles, FAQs, and glossary at myStockOptions.com draw upon the extensive combined expertise of financial planners, tax and securities lawyers, accountants, former SEC officials, and HR professionals to help answer both your basic and your most complex questions.

Our content is updated every business day for developments that affect stock compensation. In addition to its engaging clarity, our writing is always timely and accurate.

In addition, the myStockOptions Blog is one of the best ways to stay on top of equity compensation news and the latest developments at our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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While some of our editorial content and financial-planning tools are available free, full access to myStockOptions.com is available through Premium Membership, or Pro Membership for financial advisors (see the next section). We offer various subscription terms. Bulk subscriptions at discounted rates are also available.

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CPA Wealth Provider Financial Planning Award Advisors use our award-winning portfolio-tracker and calculators to track and model their clients' stock grants. Our special subscription level myStockOptions.com Pro lets advisors track and model for 5, 10, 25, or more clients in our record-keeper and tools. Advisors can also use our client portal myCompanyStock.com and our myAlerts email notices to help their client communications and relationship-building. Our articles and FAQs help advisors stay current on tax rules and financial strategies, helping them provide superb advice to their clients.

We also have a directory, called AdvisorFind, where financial, tax, and legal advisors can create profiles to promote their services to the thousands of stock grant holders who visit myStockOptions.com every day. AdvisorFind is also a great place to garner referrals from other professionals.

For Companies

"I LOVE THE SITE. I will refer everyone in my meetings to your site for additional information."
Personal finance educator at a major financial institution

We help companies explain the complexities of equity compensation in easily understood language to the employees and executives they want to motivate and retain. This enables companies to make the most of the stock compensation they rely on to inspire and keep top talent. Our website can also be a valuable reference resource for compensation, human resource, and stock plan professionals.

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We hope you will subscribe to either Premium or Pro Membership, getting full access to all of our content and tools. For companies, substantial discounts are available in licenses, custom websites, and bulk subscriptions. Explore our various corporate services.

Bruce Brumberg, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, myStockOptions.com

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