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myStockOptions.com is the top personal-finance website on equity compensation for:

"Your site is a valuable tool, especially around tax time. Thanks for providing such an important resource to both equity comp professionals and stock plan participants. It makes my job a lot easier!"
Maria Sirigos,
Treasury Analyst & Stock Admin, Mercury Computer Systems
  • the millions of employees and executives who participate in stock plans
  • the many stock plan professionals who work at their companies
  • the financial advisors, CPAs, and attorneys who have clients with stock compensation

Through our website, advertisers can speak directly to this attractive but hard-to-reach niche audience as our members read our content, use our tools, and search the AdvisorFind national directory.

myStockOptions.com balances branding and lead-generation placements:

  • Branding: Reach employees, executives, and advisors as they do research in articles and other content.

  • Leads: Place ads in the myRecords portfolio-tracker and in the calculators, where they will be seen by our members as they actively monitor and model their stock grants.

Advertising placements can also be made in our quarterly email newsletters and/or in specially crafted and designed emails.

Unique sponsorships can be arranged to reach the readers of our website and newsletters (though we strictly protect their privacy at all times). The demographics of our members make advertising with us highly attractive for a broad range of consumer, financial, and business services and products.

For information on advertising and sponsorships, see this brief presentation and contact us at info@mystockoptions.com or 617-734-1979.

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