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Brookline, MA, January 22, 2004 - Whether you think that Martha Stewart is guilty or innocent, or that the government should not have brought criminal charges against her, she made a number of dumb mistakes. You can learn from them to prevent your own "Martha Stewart Moment" when you too quickly sell or buy stock on information you should not know. To help investors, the producers of the popular Think Twice insider trading prevention videos have provided a free white paper on insider trading law at

Every year insider trading and tipping ruin people who either did not know they were breaking the law or did not know they could be caught, making the white paper a much-needed guide to understanding insider trading law. Companies, colleagues, friends, and families suffer too from violations that can be prevented either by education or by encouraging investors to "think twice" before they trade on information they wrongly used. Martha Stewart and Sam Waksal are powerful examples.

Unlike the other executives marching to trial and settlement, Martha Stewart's actions were not motivated by corporate excesses and greed. "Based on our research into insider trading cases, we believe that Martha had very human reactions when given the opportunity to avoid a stock loss," explains Bruce Brumberg, Esq., producer of the Think Twice video series and editor of

"We all can learn from her mistakes, just as we are often embarrassed to admit we have learned from her magazines and TV shows," says Brumberg.

Background On Think Twice Insider Trading Prevention Videos

Educating employees and executives about insider trading can help companies prevent the harrowing consequences of an investigation by the SEC and the Justice Department. For more than a decade, the dramatic Think Twice videos have been the leading tool for educating employees and executives about the dangers of insider trading and tipping, and how to avoid them. Developed and produced by Brumberg Publications (Brookline, MA), prominent ACCA members, and securities lawyers, with input from the SEC, Think Twice uses memorable stories and insightful interviews to educate, entertain, and jolt. For more information on the videos, see and visit the content section on that is devoted to insider trading and SEC law.

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