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Stock Options Explained In New Video, Audio, And Interactive Content At

Brookline, MA, October 6, 2015 – Stock options continue to be a prominent form of equity compensation, as they have been since they became a famous wealth-builder during the first dotcom boom, which made stock options a household term. New videos, articles, and other content at have enhanced and diversified the website's award-winning array of educational resources on stock options.

New Video Series On Stock Options

Resembling the popular myStockOptions video series about restricted stock/RSUs and ESPPs, a new videos series on stock options offers a lively introduction to the basics of option grants:

  • Employee Stock Options: Core Aspects To Know (4:12) presents the essential aspects of employee stock options that employees must know to make the most of them, including the key concepts of vesting, exercise, the option term, the impact of job termination and other life events, and the wealth-building potential of employee stock options.
  • Employee Stock Options: NQSO Taxation (2:58) explains the tax basics of nonqualified stock options (NQSOs). With animated examples, the video shows how taxes are calculated for NQSOs, what types of taxes apply to NQSOs, how withholding works, and how capital gains taxes apply when employees sell the shares.

On, these videos appear in the section on NQSOs. By enticing viewers into the subject of their equity comp, the videos provide a helpful gateway to more detailed myStockOptions content on the related topics. The video on core concepts also occurs in the section on incentive stock options (ISOs), where a new video on ISO taxation is in development.

New Articles, Quizzes, And A Podcast has comprehensive resources on equity compensation for all levels of experience. To its popular content on fundamental topics myStockOptions has added a new article on the basics of stock options, Stock Options 101: The Essentials. In clear, non-technical language, it presents the core concepts, facts, and terms that employees must know to make the most of stock options. This article joins others on the basics of restricted stock and RSUs (Restricted Stock 101) and employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs 101).

Stock options can be very lucrative if handled properly, but there are situations in which people can easily make mistakes with them. In a new exclusive article, CFP Paul Palazzo discusses the most common financial-planning errors that he sees involving stock options—and how to avoid those pitfalls. Common mistakes include exercising early without a good reason, allowing tax treatment to drive decisions, and ignoring the very real risks of having too much wealth concentrated in just one company's stock. This article includes a special podcast interview of the author.

After reading the content on stock options at myStockOptions, members will want to test their knowledge. They can do this instantly with interactive quizzes, including new quizzes about nonqualified stock options (NQSOs) and incentive stock options (ISOs) alongside a general quiz on stock options. In addition, 12 other quizzes cover many other topics in equity compensation. As in all the quizzes and exams at, the answer keys provide links to related content for further learning.

New Self-Study Course On Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) For CEPs

Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) need to satisfy the continuing education requirements of the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI), which administers CEP accreditation and standards. For these professionals, has several CEPI-approved self-study courses for continuing education credit in its Learning Center. The newest addition to these courses is the Advanced Course on Incentive Stock Options, which provides five hours of continuing education credit for CEPs who pass the exam at the end of the course. CEPs who score 70% or better on the exam receive a certificate that they submit to the CEPI to obtain the five credits. The ISO course joins other CEPI-approved self-study courses on nonqualified stock options, restricted stock and RSUs, employee stock purchase plans, and SEC law.

Corporate Licensing Available

For companies, education is vital for ensuring that stock compensation motivates and retains highly valued employees and executives. The expert yet reader-friendly content at is ideally suited for licensing by companies and stock plan providers for their stock plan participants. A customized version of the website's award-winning content can be seamlessly woven into companies' HR, benefits, and/or compensation portals. Accessible through any internet browser, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, licensed content from lets stock plan participants answer their own questions about their stock grants whenever they need to learn more—saving time for the stock plan staff and costs for the company. For more information, visit, email, or call 617-734-1979.


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The accounting journal CPA Wealth Provider selected among companies "that have taken the lead through innovation, efficiency, initiative, or growth in the financial-planning area." The Specialized Information Publishers' Foundation honored MSO Pro with one of its Editorial Excellence Awards in the category of Best Interactive Content among niche publishers. The influential consumer magazine PC World has ranked among "the most useful sites ever" that "deliver top-notch information, support, and services." has also received extensive favorable coverage in the media, including BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe, and on CNN, National Public Radio, PBS,, and has a related site on nonqualified deferred compensation at The staff also created the successful insider trading prevention video series Think Twice, available at

For more information, please contact Bruce Brumberg and Matt Simon at or 617-734-1979.

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