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Schwab To Launch Enhanced OptionCenter Services


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Enhancements To Schwab’s Corporate Stock Option Management Web Site Empowers Employees With Expanded Education And Leading-Edge Planning Tools

SAN FRANCISCO – June 14, 2001 – Schwab Corporate & Executive Services, a division of Schwab Institutional, and a leading provider of specialized services for corporate stock option and stock purchase plans, today announced the latest enhancements to Schwab's innovative stock option management Web site, Schwab OptionCenter®. The enhanced site features an array of new functionality, including a personalized home page, account alerts, new modeling tools and an extensive library of independent articles and news.

"OptionCenter is designed to provide employees with a single resource for managing every aspect of their corporate stock options," said Eric Balog, Director of Web Strategy for Schwab Corporate & Executive Services. "With around the clock access to viewing and exercising options, planning future exercises, and learning more about stock option strategy, OptionCenter delivers on our commitment to help people become smarter investors."

The new additions to OptionCenter include a personalized home page that gives corporate employees up-to-the-minute information about their account every time they log on. The page features a graph displaying real-time value of vested and unvested options, as well as account alerts that notifies participants of important news and account information. For example, "Options are expiring. Contact Schwab to exercise them."

In line with Schwab’s commitment to empowering individual investors with the facts and education they need to make informed decisions, OptionCenter’s new KnowledgeCenter brings together a wide range of stock option education and strategy. Stock Option Fundamentals, one of Schwab’s Stock Option live seminars, has been adapted into a five-part online version for KnowledgeCenter.

"We turned the seminar into a self-guided tour that covers how stock options work, the tax implications of exercising and selling, incentive and non-qualified stock options, and different cash and cashless methods of exercising," said Janet Birgenheier, Director of Client Education for Schwab Corporate & Executive Services. "This is an online alternative for employees who are unable to attend the live seminar or for those who want a refresher course when they’re ready to exercise."


Schwab KnowledgeCenter also offers a complete library of hundreds of option-related articles and news stories from leading independent sources like The New York Times, Forbes and Business Week. Access to the collection is the result of a special licensing agreement with, a Brookline, Mass.-based company that specializes in providing information on stock compensation for employees and executives. The library offers one of the largest archives of stock option news and information available today.

Since planning future exercises is an essential part of maximizing the value of an individual’s stock options, OptionCenter -- through specialized financing and tax information, as well as five different modeling tools -- allows option holders to test different scenarios and determine when to exercise options, evaluate option costs and calculate the future value of their options. Two new modeling tools, Cash Calculator and Future Value Calculator are available to option holders, as well as the existing tools Estimate Net Proceeds, Calculate Exercise and Hold Costs, and Sell to Cover.

For more information about Schwab OptionCenter, contact Schwab at (800) 654-2593 or visit

Schwab Corporate & Executive Services offers a wide range of specialized corporate services including comprehensive management and administration of employee stock option and stock purchase plans, restricted stock and other integrated employee benefit plans.

Schwab Institutional, a division of The Charles Schwab Corporation, provides investment, administrative and brokerage services to Investment Managers, 401(k) plans, and other institutional investors. The Charles Schwab Corporation through its subsidiary, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. serves over 7.7 million active investor accounts with over $856 billion in customer assets. Member SIPC/NYSE.

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