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Ten Million Americans With Employee Stock Options Have Their First Personal Finance Web Site

Contact: Bruce Brumberg, Esq, CEO
(617) 734-1979,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE brings together top financial planning, tax, and legal experts to create comprehensive online resource for executives and employees with stock options

Brookline, MA, June 23, 2000 -- The 10 million people in the United States with employee stock options -- and millions more worldwide -- now have a free Web site devoted to all of their complex personal finance challenges, questions, and information needs. combines meaningful original content, calculators, an online options record keeper, modeling tools, a discussion forum, and "Ask the Experts" in an attractive, intuitive Web interface.

"This site is an absolute knock-out," says Charles Christian, Johnson & Johnson's Director of Planning & Development, Worldwide Compensation Resources. " contains all the information you could ever think you'd want to know about stock options -- and more. There are great modeling capabilities, as well as content that’s highly informative and of great quality -- yet very readable -- on a complicated subject for many people." has completed its private beta test with contacts at over 40 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Staples, and eToys, and is now available to the general public. "This is absolutely the best educational tool available for stock options," according to Robert Cavallaro, the Compensation Project Manager for Staples. "Our employees will find it very valuable." helps individuals to realize the most value possible from their stock compensation. "Our content and interactive tools make our users smarter about stock options and help them understand the financial planning, tax, and legal issues surrounding them," according to Bruce Brumberg, Esq., editor-in-chief and co-founder of the Web site.

The Web site brings together a team of experts from all areas of stock compensation, including financial advisors, tax lawyers, former SEC officials, trainers, and HR professionals. "We have used our collective expertise to design interactive features and content that will help users address both their basic and most complex questions," says Brumberg.

"Everything is fabulous," says Andrea Ayoub, Vice President of Incentive Programs for Telos Corporation. "The information is very useful and the MyRecords options tracker section is a great way to monitor your stock grant details, such as the expiration and vesting dates, online."

Companies, brokerage firms, and financial advisors can also customize or license specific parts of it, making it an online stock option communications and education tool. The private versions of are custom-built for each company's stock plans and business goals. This online service allows companies to give their employees instant access to comprehensive information and interactive tools from anywhere in the world. is an important HR tool for companies that have made stock options a key element in their employee recruitment, retention, and motivation efforts. "The original content on the site not only answers a range of employee questions about stock plans, it also helps employees stomach volatility in their companies' stock price and not view employee stock options as a get-rich-quick scheme," explains Brumberg. "They will understand how stock compensation fits into their long-term financial plan and better appreciate the value of what their company has granted them." is the first Web site to meet optionholders' personal finance and educational needs, as well as companies' communications and training goals. It provides many interactive and customizable features:

• Easy-to-use calculators and modeling tools specific to stock options, plus an online stock option tracker for keeping records, including option expiration and vesting dates. The calculators tell users their net gains after taxes, personalized by state. The "I Need The Money" calculator lets a user fill in the amount of money needed and see which options to exercise to obtain it. The modeling tools help users determine when to exercise their options by looking at comparisons to alternative investments. • Easy-to-read content, in the form of continually new, original articles written for individuals with options; 325+ FAQs with answers from experts on every conceivable stock compensation question; extensive glossary of stock compensation terms; and a global personal tax guide, detailing the tax rules in 25 countries. • Easy-to-navigate community forums, such as our discussion board and Ask The Experts section, allow for additional interaction and personalized responses on stock compensation issues.


Bruce Brumberg, Esq., is a widely-respected publisher and writer with proven success in making complex legal and financial topics understandable. He is the executive producer of popular insider trading and sexual harassment prevention training videos and other innovative information products.

Jesse Brill, Esq., is a leading authority on stock compensation. He is editor and publisher of the Corporate Counsel and Corporate Executive newsletters, the most respected publications for companies and their consultants and lawyers on detailed equity pay topics. He is also chair of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals, the premier organization devoted to companies with stock plans and their advisors.

Peter Van Ness is president of Van Ness Group, a new media consulting collaborative. Previously he co-founded Stock Plan (now ASTStockPlan), a leading provider of stock benefit plan management on an outsourcing basis. He has also designed and built many innovative software solutions in the areas of employee benefits and stock plan management.


Other experts involved with the site include representatives from Asset Management Group (AMG) and Ayco. These two firms are elite providers of fee-only financial planning services for executives at major companies.

Along with other legal and tax authorities, the working Advisory Board includes Michael Beriss, Esq., the top advisor on stock options at American Express Financial Advisors; Sandra Sussman, the Executive Director of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals; Art Meyers, Esq., chairman of the compensation practice group at Hutchins Wheeler & Dittmar; Louis Rorimer, Esq., a partner at Jones Day Reavis & Pogue and chair of the American Bar Association’s Subcommittee on Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation, and Section 16; and Professor Steven Huddart, one of the foremost academic experts on the behavioral economics aspects of employee stock options.

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