Press Releases Editor-In-Chief To Speak At Annual Conferences of NCEO/Beyster Institute, WorldatWork, And E*Trade Financial

Brookline, MA, April 14, 2006 - A popular guest speaker on various topics in stock compensation, the editor-in-chief of, Bruce Brumberg, will make presentations at three conferences in April and May 2006:

NCEO/Beyster: Stock Plan Education And Communication For Restricted Stock/RSUs

At the NCEO/Beyster conference, Mr. Brumberg will make his presentation as a panelist in the session Communicating Equity Compensation Plans on April 26. Mr. Brumberg's talk will consider ways stock plan professionals can better communicate to employees and executives the features, benefits, and related issues of restricted stock and restricted stock units (RSUs).

This is one of more than 50 sessions at the conference, which expects attendance by over 700 people from across the United States. Other sessions feature keynote speaker Richard Hassel, General Counsel of Lifetouch; and Laura Nash, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

WorldatWork: Restricted Stock And RSUs, Who's Using Them, And How To Educate Employees

In Anaheim, at the WorldatWork conference, Mr. Brumberg will join a panel of other experts on May 8 for a session entitled Restricted Stock & RSUs: What They Are, Who's Using Them, And How To Administer And Educate Employees.

Restricted stock and restricted stock units (RSUs) are the fastest-growing type of equity compensation (see the related content section on this website). Many companies are granting them with stock options, or even instead of them.

The session will discuss what stock plan professionals need to know about restricted stock and restricted stock units, whether they are preparing for a big grant or a major vesting date.

E*Trade Financial: What's Important Now With Stock Option Expensing

On May 24, at the E*Trade conference in Scottsdale, Mr. Brumberg will speak on a panel about one of the biggest topics in stock compensation today: mandatory expensing of stock options and employee stock purchase plans (What's Important Now With Stock Option Expensing).

Expensing and the requirements under FAS 123(R) and related SEC rules are affecting companies' reported earnings. Stock market analysts, the media, and investors are focusing hard on these disclosures, regardless of whether they reflect a company's underlying business condition. How they interpret this change in a company's income statement influences the stock price and the company's next steps in fine-tuning option assumptions and stock plan design.

This session will prepare companies to look beyond the numbers to the bigger question of how option/ESPP expensing affects the users of financial statements, and the market's understanding of their business. (See the new content section on about stock option valuation and expensing.)


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