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New Interactive Quizzes On Test Your Knowledge Of Equity Compensation

Insider trading quiz on can keep you out of jail.

Brookline, MA, February 1, 2005 - has crafted interactive quizzes on stock options, restricted stock, insider trading, employee stock purchase plans, taxation, and related personal-finance topics. The quizzes give users a fun way to test their knowledge of stock compensation and also showcase the breadth and depth of the site's award-winning editorial content. Companies can license customized versions of these online quizzes to fit their stock plans.

"Interactive features make our site engaging," says Editor-in-Chief Bruce Brumberg. "Our quizzes offer an entertaining challenge while giving new users a dynamic way to start exploring our immense wealth of articles and FAQs."

A Quiz For Each Content Area

Each multiple-choice quiz corresponds to a specific content section on the site:

  • the Basics quiz on the fundamentals of stock options
  • the Tax Center quiz on tax rules for all forms of equity compensation
  • the Restricted Stock/RSUs quiz
  • the SEC Law quiz on insider trading and other securities law topics
  • the ESPP quiz (on employee stock purchase plans) plans to eventually create a quiz for each content area, including nonqualified stock options (NQSOs), incentive stock options (ISOs), stock appreciation rights (SARs), life events, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, and pre-IPO companies.

"We are always trying to make even more lively and appealing for individual members and for our corporate and stock-plan-provider licensees," Mr. Brumberg adds. "In addition to publishing trusted, informative content and interactive tools, we want to keep people coming back because our site is fun to use."


With exclusive articles, 600 FAQs, global tax guides, an extensive glossary, and interactive tools, is the premier online resource of educational content and tools on stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units, SARs, and ESPPs. The company is managed by leading experts in equity compensation, with a long history of successful newsletters, books, and training videos devoted to equity pay topics.

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