Peter Van Ness

Peter W. Van Ness is President of Van Ness Group, Inc., the new media development company that designed and built the original version of this Web site and the tools. Van Ness Group also serves as the integrator for firms that choose to license the content and tools from on a private label or co-branded basis. Peter has been helping organizations realize the benefits of information technology, particularly in the areas of employee benefits and stock options, since he founded Personal Computer Solutions in 1984.

In 1990, Peter joined Expert Legal Systems, where he developed and brought to market groundbreaking software that, for the first time, integrated the management of a company’s stock, employee stock options and employee stock purchase plans.

Expert Legal Systems eventually reincorporated as StockPlan, Inc., with Peter as president and one of the founders. The company grew to become the largest independent provider of management services for stock benefit plans worldwide.

In 1997, StockPlan, Inc. was sold to American Stock Transfer & Trust Company in New York and Peter served as president of the newly formed company, AST StockPlan, for one year. (AST StockPlan was purchased by Citigroup in August of 2000.)

Under Peter's direction, the company forged alliances with the major brokerage firms servicing companies with equity compensation plans. By embracing leading edge technologies, StockPlan created new programs that empower employees to make the most of their stock benefit plans using interactive voice response and Internet based trading. Working with several major brokerage firms, the company launched the first web-based systems integrating employee stock options and employee stock purchase plans with stock trading.

Peter was elected to the first Boston Computer Society Member Services Council in 1984 and served on its steering committee for two years. He is also a founding member of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals.

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