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Basics: Grants

Are stock options or restricted stock ever granted to part-time and hourly employees?
Yes. Many companies have broad-based stock plans that extend to the lowest-level employees, including hourly and part-time workers. Depending on the type of grant, companies can base the awarding of grants on a required number of hours worked.

Part-time executives can also receive grants, as startup and pre-IPO companies sometimes have part-time CFOs or other senior finance, sales, or management executives (or use them as consultants). These individuals often leave well-paid positions to consult with several startups at once (hoping one takes off) and demand significant equity in the entities that employ their services.

Alert: If you switch from full-time to part-time status, you should check the effects of this on your eligibility for stock grants and the vesting on existing grants. See a related FAQ.
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