Learning Center: Course on Restricted Stock, RSUs, and Performance Shares for CE Credit

Instructions: Please read the full course of study before taking the 30-question exam on it. Click on the sections below in any order you want. When you are ready for the exam, click on the link to it at the bottom of this page. To earn the CE credits (5 for CEPs, 3 for CFPs, 3 for CPWAs, 3 for CIMAs), you must read the whole course of study and then score 70% or better in the exam.
Section 1:
Grant Practices

Section 2:
Performance Shares

Section 3:
Expensing & Corporate Practices

Section 4:

Section 5:
General Taxation

Section 6:
Section 83(b) Elections

Section 7:
Withholding & W-2s

Section 8:
Dividend Taxation

Section 9:
Sales & Tax Returns

Section 10:
Life Events: Retirement, Divorce, Death, Disability

Section 11:
Underwater Options & Restricted Stock

Section 12:

Section 13:

Section 14:
Section 409A & Deferred Compensation

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