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Annotated diagram of Schedule DTax errors can be costly! Don't draw unwanted attention from the IRS. Our Tax Center explains and illustrates the tax rules for sales of company stock, W-2s, withholding, estimated taxes, AMT, and more.
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Funding Your Child's College Education With Stock Options And Other Stock Grants (Part 1)

Podcast included! Your ability to pay for college, and ultimately have more money for retirement, may rest on your company's stock plan and related financial planning. Part 1 helps you understand the impact that equity grants have on financial-aid eligibility.

Funding Your Child's College Education With Stock Options And Other Stock Grants (Part 2) This is premium content

Podcast included! Part 2 reviews the basics of gift tax and the tax treatment of stock compensation in your financial planning for higher education.

Funding Your Child's College Education With Stock Options And Other Stock Grants (Part 3) This is premium content

Podcast included! As college tuition and expenses rise, funding and tax strategies for middle-class families have become more important than ever. Part 3 focuses on methods to minimize capital gains at sale, planning for the kiddie tax and education credits, and strategies your children can use.
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Making Gifts Of Company Stock This is premium content

In addition to being an effective form of generosity, gifting shares can play a role in financial and tax planning for your equity compensation and company stock. This article presents the basics that you need to know when you are contemplating gifts of shares acquired from stock options, restricted stock/RSUs, or employee stock purchase plans.

Tuition Magicians

Smart tactics for coming up with money for college expenses.


To seek financial aid for children's college tuition, I report income and assets on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Should I list my stock grants? At what value?

As long as the student is considered a dependent of the parent for financial-aid purposes, the parent does have to report stock options on line...

What is the tax treatment for gifts of company stock? This is premium content

It's similar to the tax treatment for any gifts of stock. You may make annual gifts to any number of recipient up to the specified annual amount without any tax impact. Financial advisors often tell clients with substantial stock holding to consider making...
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