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Mark Struthers CFA CFP®
Sona Wealth
Mark Struthers CFA CFP®
Location:Chanhassen, MN, 55317
Experience:17+ years of experience
Minimum portfolio requirement
(including stock grants):
Credentials/Education: CFP: Certified Financial Planner
CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst
RIA: RIA/Associated RIA
Fee structure(s):Percentage of assets
Fixed Fee
Fee only
Services offered:Portfolio Management
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Financial Planning
Employment Negotiations
Education Funding
Equity Comp. Planning
StockOpter Analysis
Practice and Approach
Mark is an independent fee-only advisor who specializes in working with mid-career professional families. We are experts at helping you make the best equity-comp decisions around taxes, growth, and diversification.
Mark and his wife come from Scottish and Irish backgrounds. Because Sona in Galic means well-balanced happiness, it was a perfect fit for our company. It is what we try to achieve for our clients.
We can work on retainer, project-based, and AUM.
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