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Check Advisors' Backgrounds Inc. has not independently verified the experience, credentials, or professional licensing of the advisors listed in AdvisorFind and can provide no assurances that a listed advisor is capable of providing the guidance and services you seek. We do require advisors to warrant the accuracy of their information, and to use AdvisorFind they must agree to certain terms. Whenever you use financial, tax, or legal advisors, you must be careful about whom you are consulting and how your investments, taxes, and legal affairs are handled.

Independent sources for checking the background of advisors and their firms, regulatory filings by advisors, and any violations by advisors include the following.

  • BrokerCheck by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, formerly called the National Association of Securities Dealers). This resource includes mainly the representatives of brokerage firms rather than independent registered investment advisors (for the latter, see the SEC's IAPD Program below).

  • Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) Program of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC's resource includes mainly registered investment advisors (RIAs), i.e. independent financial advisors rather than the representatives of brokerage firms (for the latter, see BrokerCheck above).

  • Securities regulators in your state and in the state where your advisor is located, if different. The North American Securities Administrators Association has resources to help start your research.

  • The website of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards lets you search registered CFPs to confirm an advisor's CFP status. The records report whether a CFP has been publicly disciplined by the CFP Board.

  • At the website of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), you can search the disciplinary records to see whether a CPA has been disciplined.

  • The website FindLaw has a section where you can search for any disciplinary actions taken against attorneys. The resource is divided by state, so you will need to know the state(s) the lawyer practices in to find out whether the attorney is eligible to practice there and whether he or she has ever been disciplined there.

  • Various services offer broader background checks in public records, including USA People Search and

We recommend you check these resources when considering the financial services offered by an advisor or firm, and we recommend that you read our article Suggestions For Choosing An Advisor.

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