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Featuring advisors with financial planning, tax, and legal expertise, AdvisorFind from is a new service that helps you identify and contact an equity compensation expert who can give you specialized guidance on how best to handle your unique situation.

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Featured Advisors
Name Services Minimums Description
Jason Krueger Portfolio Management
Retirement Planning
Financial Planning
Education Funding
Equity Comp. Planning
StockOpter Analysis
At least $500,000 We help our clients with their equity compensation by facilitating timely and …
Joe Forish, CFA, CFP® Financial Planning
Equity Comp. Planning
None I am a fee-only financial advisor. I specialize in helping executives …
Dana Anspach Retirement Planning
None Who's driving your retirement planning process? Our focus is on working with …
Valerie Gospodarek, CFA Equity Comp. Planning
None We specialize in assisting executives in understanding, analyzing and making …

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