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Welcome to AdvisorFind from, our online directory of financial, tax, and legal advisors for employees and executives who have stock options, restricted stock/RSUs, and other forms of equity compensation. The large following has among stock grant holders, companies, and financial professionals makes AdvisorFind a special forum where stock plan participants and advisors can find each other, as noted by WebCPA.

For Stock Plan Participants

Need an advisor to help you decide when to exercise stock options, whether to sell or hold restricted stock at vesting, how to diversify your company stock holdings, how to negotiate your employment agreement, or how to minimize your tax bill? Search our directory by region to find a financial or tax professional in your area, or try our advanced search to seek an advisor anywhere in the US who specializes in your unique situation.

"I've received a number of new clients from my listing in AdvisorFind."
Valerie G., advisor

See (1) the terms of use for participants and (2) the suggestions for choosing an advisor.

For Advisors

Are you a financial planner, wealth manager, accountant, or lawyer who advises clients with stock compensation? Please register now to:

  • communicate your expertise to potential clients who visit every day
  • attract highly qualified leads at low cost
  • target your client pitch by portfolio size, geographical area, and specialty
  • identify yourself to other professionals for referrals

See the terms of use for advisors.

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