Job Loss Quiz

Job Loss Quiz

Whether expected or not, job loss is an upheaval that gives you a lot to think about. Do you know what would happen to your stock compensation? Test your knowledge of the impact job termination has on various types of equity awards.

Please answer the following 11 questions. This quiz is also a course of study. The answer key links to content on the topic for follow-up reading.

1. What usually happens to unvested stock grants upon job loss?

2. Upon job loss, what happens to money that was deducted from your paycheck to buy shares in an employee stock purchase plan?

3. Is the company legally required to inform you about vested but unexercised stock options when you lose your job?

4. What usually happens to a performance share grant upon job loss?

5. How are taxes paid on option or restricted stock income after job termination?

6. What is the legally required window of time during which you can exercise stock options after termination?

7. If you lose your job but are later rehired, can forfeited stock grants be reinstated?

8. If the term of your vested options will expire in 60 days but your company allows 90 days for option exercise after job loss, how much time do you have to exercise the options?

9. Does the reason for job loss affect the post-termination exercise period?

10. Does the reason for job loss affect the vesting of restricted stock and RSUs?

11. How long do incentive stock options keep their special tax benefits after job termination?

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