<span class='boldnew'>NEW!</span> Stock Comp Abbreviations Quiz

NEW! Stock Comp Abbreviations Quiz

Do you know your way in the alphabet soup of stock comp abbreviations? Test your knowledge with this quiz. For more fun with stock comp terminology, download our free app Stock Compensation Glossary, available from the App Store (for Apple devices) and from Google Play (for Android devices).

Please answer the following 25 questions. This quiz is also a course of study. The answer key links to content on the topic for follow-up reading. For in-depth courses of study that offer CE credits, see the myStockOptions Learning Center.


2. ISO

3. RSU

4. PSU


6. SAR

7. OI

8. CG

9. AMT

10. FICA

11. FMV

12. IRC

13. NIIT

14. QSBS

15. CIC

16. SDS

17. STC

18. GTC

19. IPO

20. PTEP

21. TSR

22. MNPI

23. LOA

24. VCD

25. SEC

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