Tax-return season is over and spring is in the air. As you look ahead to the rest of 2019 and beyond, what's next for your equity comp and holdings of company shares? This alert highlights a selection of new and recently updated content myStockOptions, including articles and FAQs on your post-tax-season financial planning. See the full list of additions and updates on the website. To learn about these and many other topics in financial planning for equity comp, register now for our one-day conference on June 18.

Restricted Stock And Stock Options: Financial Planning After Your Tax Return Is Filed
The time right after you have filed your tax return is ideal for big-picture financial planning—now more than ever with the changes under the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. Your 2018 tax return lets you fully understand the impact of the tax changes, and the amount of your total taxes was probably different than what you had projected. This recently updated article series (Part 1 and Part 2) discusses factors to consider in your income and tax projections, along with planning ideas.

Funding Your Child's College Education With Stock Options And Other Stock Grants
Your ability to pay for college, and ultimately have more money for retirement, may rest on your equity compensation and the related financial planning. Part of the expanded website section on financial planning for life events, our three-part article series on college funding helps you understand the impact that equity grants have on financial-aid eligibility and on your ability to pay the ever-rising costs of college tuition.

7 ISO Strategies That Can Help Minimize Alternative Minimum Tax
Exercising incentive stock options (ISOs) and holding the shares beyond the calendar year of exercise triggers the need for the alternative minimum tax (AMT) calculation. A new article at myStockOptions details related strategies that experts often suggest and explains what you must know to make an informed decision.

Your Retirement Plan: How To Integrate Stock Compensation
Among the many ways to amass the wealth you need to fund the retirement you want, your equity compensation can play a major role. In a clear, concise article and engaging podcast interview, financial advisor Daniel Zajac explains how combining equity grants with other assets can help you save enough money to fully fund your ideal retirement. From our own editorial team, see also our new article on how to maximize your Social Security benefits with equity comp.

Learning Center offers CE credits
Get an early start on your 2019 continuing education! In our Learning Center, myStockOptions has six courses and exams offering CE credits for several professional designations:

  • 30 continuing-education credits for Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs): 100% of the total requirement
  • 15 continuing-education credits for Certified Financial Planners (CFPs): 50% of the total requirement
  • 15 continuing-education credits for Certified Private Wealth Advisors (CPWAs) and Certified Investment Management Analysts (CIMAs): 37.5% of the total requirement
  • Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are encouraged to take our courses and exams and include them, if possible, when they self-document their continuing professional education

Each course of study features podcasts, articles, and FAQs from myStockOptions. They are woven into a dynamic, interactive learning tool that teaches the topics in a memorable way. The answer key for each exam also links to relevant content on the site for further reading and learning.

Don't Miss Our National Financial-Planning Conference
Our special one-day conference, Financial Planning For Public Company Executives & Directors, is coming up soon.

Date: June 18, 2019
Place: Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront
Time: 8:00am–6:00pm

Enjoying a fresh lineup of talks and panel sessions, attendees will hear from leading experts on many topics:

  • Equity compensation planning for taxes, wealth preservation and transfer, and charitable giving
  • Major tax, legal, and SEC compliance developments
  • Planning for equity comp in pre-IPO companies
  • Strategies for concentrated stock positions and for nonqualified deferred comp
  • Rule 10b5-1 trading plans
  • Grant, employment, and severance agreements
  • Case studies of successful planning strategies
  • Methods for advising high-net-worth employees
  • And much more!

Continuing education, including 8.0 CFP® credits and 7.0 CEP credits, will be available. You can register and make hotel reservations now at the conference website, where you can also read praise from attendees for last year's sold-out conference. Please feel free to contact us for more information (617-734-1979,

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