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This issue of our quarterly newsletter showcases our award-winning content on restricted stock, restricted stock units (RSUs), and performance shares. Although our trusted brand name is myStockOptions, we could just as easily be myRestrictedStock, given our extensive and engaging articles, FAQs, videos, podcasts, and quizzes on restricted stock/RSUs and the related financial planning. See the full newsletter or skim the table of contents below and click through to an item.

Top 10 questions to ask about a grant of restricted stock/RSUs
The first step with a grant of restricted stock or RSUs is to know the answers to the questions presented in this FAQ. Understanding the topics involved will help you make the most of your grant and prevent costly mistakes.

When restricted stock/RSUs vest: how to decide whether to hold or sell the shares
When restricted stock, RSUs, or performance shares vest, whether you sell or hold the shares depends on various factors. Some of these factors, especially personal ones, are under your control, while others stem from your company's plan or the tax rules, as this FAQ explains.

Restricted stock, RSUs, restricted securities: how to tell them apart and avoid confusion
Restricted stock, RSUs, and restricted securities are often confused by employees, companies, and financial advisors alike. That can be problematic. Those three things are not the same—and understanding which you have matters, as a lawsuit by current and former Uber employees demonstrates. A new article at myStockOptions explains the differences. The newsletter has a brief summary.

Multimedia educational content on restricted stock, RSUs, and performance shares
The newsletter has a handy list of the articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive quizzes about restricted stock, RSUs, and performance shares in the award-winning multimedia content of myStockOptions.
myStockOptions webinar: Stock Compensation Bootcamp for Financial Advisors

Join us on Oct. 21 (2:00pm–3:40pm ET, 11:00am–12:40pm PT) for a special myStockOptions webinar: Stock Compensation Bootcamp for Financial Advisors. Learn what you need to know about stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, and ESPPs to effectively serve clients, build wealth, and prevent costly mistakes. Whether you are new to stock comp or want to sharpen your knowledge, this webinar will provide practical information and insights to maximize your success. Event details and registration are available now at the webinar homepage.

Need continuing education credits?
In this post-conference era, equity plan professionals and financial advisors can still meet continuing education (CE) requirements by using our online self-study courses and exams, including our popular course/exam on restricted stock, RSUs, and performance shares. In the myStockOptions Learning Center, these resources offer over 100% of the CE requirement for Certified Equity Professionals, 60% of the CE requirement for Certified Financial Planners, and CE for other certifications too! The newsletter has details.

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