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From Apple To Uber: 5 Key Features Of Performance Share Grants
When you reach the executive ranks you are now more likely to receive grants of performance shares (often with RSUs) than stock options. A new article at myStockOptions explains five key features of performance share grants, including examples of equity approaches at Apple and Uber that help to illustrate them.

Know Your Options: Nonqualified Stock Options Versus Incentive Stock Options
When you receive a grant of stock options, you need to know which type of options you have, understand the tax implications, and be aware of what would happen to your options upon certain events, such as job loss or disability. Based on myStockOptions content, a new commentary in our informative blog at explains the major differences between NQSOs and ISOs.

How The SEC Detects Insider Trading: An Updated FAQ Explains
Everyone who holds company stock should know that the SEC now wields a formidable array of digital technology to detect insider trading. The SEC uses sophisticated data analytics and evolving new technologies to uncover illegal trades. An updated FAQ at myStockOptions discusses how the SEC and the stock exchanges spot and investigate suspicious stock trading.

Private Company Stock Options And RSUs: SEC Filings By IPO Companies Reveal What To Expect
A new article at myStockOptions looks at stock plan details in the Form S-1 SEC registration statements of IPO companies to explain how stock options and restricted stock grants at private companies may be different and more complex than the standard types of grants used by public companies. An expanded FAQ in the section Pre-IPO looks at double-trigger RSU grants.

myStockOptions Financial-Planning Conference Delivers Practical, Specialized Knowledge With Engaging Style
Held on June 18 in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley area, the myStockOptions national conference, Financial Planning for Public Company Executives & Directorsattracted financial advisors from all over the United States to hear and network with the leading industry experts who spoke in talks and panel discussions. The conference received glowing reviews from attendees. "I would definitely recommend this conference to anyone on the advisory side of working with public-company executives," asserted one financial advisor. " is still the best resource I've found as an advisor who serves this niche market." Our blog features more attendee comments and the highlights of this unique event: see myStockOptions Financial-Planning Conference Delivers Practical, Specialized Knowledge With Engaging Style.

Learning Center offers CE credits
Keep up your continuing professional education! In our Learning Center, myStockOptions has six courses and exams offering CE credits for several professional designations:

  • 30 continuing-education credits for Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs): 100% of the total requirement
  • 15 continuing-education credits for Certified Financial Planners (CFPs): 50% of the total requirement
  • 15 continuing-education credits for Certified Private Wealth Advisors (CPWAs) and Certified Investment Management Analysts (CIMAs): 37.5% of the total requirement
  • Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are encouraged to take our courses and exams and include them, if possible, when they self-document their continuing professional education

Each course of study features podcasts, articles, and FAQs from myStockOptions. They are woven into a dynamic, interactive learning tool that teaches the topics in a memorable way. The answer key for each exam also links to relevant content on the site for further reading and learning.