Employee equity compensation is booming. Companies are finding new value in granting equity to employees, and those employees are, in turn, getting ever more comfortable with stock investing via online trading apps. All this means the need for employee education, financial planning, and guidance in equity comp and company shares is also booming. The last thing employees and their companies want is for the wealth-building opportunity of equity awards to be squandered by costly mistakes.

This alert highlights recent additions and updates in the award-winning educational content of myStockOptions, from new articles to our popular series of webinars. You can also review a full list of our new and recently updated content. Any or all myStockOptions content can be licensed by companies for their employee education and communications.

New Articles Present Key Planning Tips On Stock Options And RSUs From Top Financial Advisors

Getting a grant of stock options or restricted stock units (RSUs) is a reason to celebrate. But then comes the tricky part: financial and tax planning. In two engaging new articles at myStockOptions, financial advisors with special expertise in these areas provide practical guidance and insights to help you prevent costly mistakes.

You can hear more of their tips in our two recent "advanced bootcamp" webinars featuring these advisors and their compelling case studies: Restricted Stock & RSU Financial Planning and Stock Option Exercise Strategies.

Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans For Company Shares: SEC Suspects Widespread Abuses And Preps New Rules

To root out insider-trading violations, the SEC is looking into potential abuses of Rule 10b5-1 trading plans. The agency suspects some plan-holders know confidential inside information when they create, modify, or terminate plans. New SEC rules for 10b5-1 plans seem to be imminent. A new FAQ at myStockOptions has more on this development.

myStockOptions Webinar Channel

See the myStockOptions webinar channel purchase our past webinars on demand in streaming format and check for upcoming webinars. On-demand webinars include:

Restricted Stock & RSU Financial Planning: Advanced Bootcamp (100 mins). This lively webinar features insights from a panel of three leading financial advisors, including case studies, to provide practical info, guidance, and expertise for restricted stock/RSUs in both public and private companies. 2.0 CE credits for CFP, CPWA, CIMA, and CEP.

Stock Option Exercise Strategies: Advanced Bootcamp (100 mins). Stock options can offer great leverage, but it must be wielded wisely. It is crucial to have a strategic plan for stock option exercises. This webinar features compelling insights from a panel of three experts in option exercise strategies. 2.0 CE credits for CFP, CPWA, CIMA, and CEP.

Stock Compensation Bootcamp For Financial Advisors (100 mins). Whether you are new to stock comp or want to sharpen your knowledge, our bootcamp webinar provides practical information and insights to maximize success. 2.0 CE credits for CFP, CPWA, CIMA, and CEP.

Strategies For Concentrated Positions In Company Stock (100 mins). Wealth is won and lost through the management of concentrated company stock positions. In this webinar, experts at managing concentrated stock wealth explain the wide range of strategies and solutions available for preventing losses and meeting goals. 2.0 CE credits for CFP, CPWA, CIMA, and CEP.

Sell Or Hold RSU Shares At Vesting? 3 Approaches To Consider

When your restricted stock units (RSUs) vest, you have a lot of wealth tied up in company shares. How many of your RSU shares should you sell for financial goals or diversification? How many should you hold? In a lively and fun new article, CFP Meg Bartelt of Flow Financial Planning presents ways to approach your best answer to those key financial-planning questions.

Stock Options: 8 Core Topics

For those new to stock options, it's important to know the topics you must understand about your grants before you proceed with them. An FAQ at myStockOptions just added a new infographic to help you remember the 8 crucial features of options that you must master to plan for and make the most of your grants.

Learning Center Offers CE Credits

In this post-conference era, keep up your continuing professional education and earn needed CE credits at myStockOptions. In our Learning Center, myStockOptions has seven courses and exams offering CE credits for several professional designations:

  • 35 CE credits for Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs): over 100% of the total requirement
  • 21 CE credits for Certified Financial Planners (CFPs): 70% of the total requirement
  • 21 CE credits for Certified Private Wealth Advisors (CPWAs) and Certified Investment Management Analysts (CIMAs): 52.5% of the total requirement)
  • Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are encouraged to take our courses and exams and include them, if possible, when they self-document their continuing professional education

Each course of study features podcasts, articles, and FAQs from myStockOptions. They are woven into a dynamic, interactive learning tool that teaches the topics in a memorable way. The answer key for each exam also links to relevant content on the site for further reading and learning.