A stock comp rollercoaster.

Stock markets are on a rollercoaster ride. Volatility can rattle anyone's financial plan. This alert highlights our exclusive articles offering insights on equity comp and company shares amid stock-price volatility. We also introduce our recently launched CE course on pre-IPO equity comp, a new article and FAQ on evolving equity comp practices, and our on-demand webinar about strategies for concentrated stock positions. You can review a full list of our new and recently updated content.

How To Stomach Volatility In Your Company's Stock Without Losing Your Mind

Sudden stock-price drops can scare even the most experienced holders of equity comp and company shares. Sooner or later, volatility may force you to make decisions that affect your financial future and long-term wealth. The section Volatility at myStockOptions has five key articles to help you think through your decisions about equity comp and company shares amid volatile stock prices:

  • How To Stomach Volatility In Your Company's Stock Without Losing Your Mind
  • Stockbrokers' Secrets: Equity Comp Strategies For Volatile Markets
  • What To Do With Your Just-Vested Shares After Your Company's Stock Price Drops
  • 7 Things To Know When You Sell Company Stock To Raise Cash
  • How Employee Stock Purchase Plans Offer Special Benefits In Down And Volatile Markets

NEW CE COURSE: Private & Pre-IPO Company Stock Compensation

For your education and training, the newest addition to the myStockOptions Learning Center is our eagerly awaited Private & Pre-IPO Company Stock Compensation, a self-study course and 30-question exam offering 5.0 continuing education credits for the CFP, CEP, and CPWA/CIMA certifications. It's based on the comprehensive articles and FAQs in the myStockOptions section Pre-IPO. The Learning Center now has eight self-study courses, offering all or most of the periodic CE requirements for each certification.

How Amazon, Apple, Google Adapted Their RSU Grants To Help Retain Top Talent

Hiring competition, the Great Resignation, and market volatility are prompting changes in longstanding stock comp practices for key performers at big, established tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. Changes these industry leaders make in their stock grant designs will be widely observed and may be emulated by other companies. In a new article at myStockOptions, we break down and examine the new grant practices and types that are emerging.

Restricted Tokens: Cryptocurrency Meets Equity Comp

Cryptocurrency has finally crept into the realm of equity compensation in the form of "restricted tokens." While restricted tokens are similar in structure to grants of restricted stock, their value is based on an underlying cryptocurrency, not on the company's stock price. Tokens are attracting attention as a form of compensation because they are nondilutive for shareholders and in private companies can have a liquidity advantage over equity awards. A new FAQ at myStockOptions explains how restricted tokens work.

Strategies For Concentrated Positions In Company Stock

Market volatility puts concentrated stock positions in danger of sudden price drops. Even S&P 500 companies are experiencing severe stock-price fluctuations. It's more important than ever for advisors to understand the wide range of strategies available for managing wealth and preventing wealth loss in concentrated company stock holdings to meet clients' financial goals. In a new webinar, held live on May 4 and now available on demand, experts at managing concentrated stock wealth explain the approaches. The webinar recording offers 2 CE credits for the CFP, CPWA/CIMA, and CEP certifications.

Quick, informative, 1-minute videos.Got A Minute? myStockOptions Launches Engaging Series Of One-Minute Equity Comp Videos

Inspired by the demand for video educational content on stock comp, and the populariy of short-form videos such as those on TikTok, myStockOptions has launched a series of one-minute videos on equity comp at our YouTube channel. The videos are also embedded into related articles and FAQs at myStockOptions. In each video, editor-in-chief Bruce Brumberg runs through 5 things you need to know about the video topic in about 60 seconds.

CE Credits At myStockOptions

In this post-conference era, keep up your continuing professional education and earn needed CE credits at myStockOptions. In our Learning Center, myStockOptions has eight courses and exams offering CE credits for several professional designations:

  • 40 CE credits for Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs): over 100% of the total requirement
  • 26 CE credits for Certified Financial Planners (CFPs): 87% of the total requirement
  • 26 CE credits for Certified Private Wealth Advisors (CPWAs) and Certified Investment Management Analysts (CIMAs): over 65% of the total requirement)
  • Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are encouraged to take our courses and exams and include them, if possible, when they self-document their continuing professional education

Each course of study features podcasts, articles, and FAQs from myStockOptions. The answer key for each exam also links to relevant content on the site for further reading and learning. More CE credits are available at the myStockOptions Webinar Channel, which features on-demand webinars in streaming format. Each webinar (100 minutes) offers 2.0 CE credits for the CFP, CPWA/CIMA, and CEP certifications.