On-Demand Webinar: Financial Planning For Stock Compensation During The Pandemic

Financial Planning For Stock Compensation During The Pandemic
Recording available for purchase on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/msowebinarjuly2020

After wild swings in the stock markets, financial planning for stock compensation continues to be tested by volatility, economic uncertainty, corporate layoffs, and indefinite employment furloughs. It is important for financial advisors to re-evaluate planning approaches for the novel circumstances of Covid-19 and its impacts.

You'll get insights into how companies are changing their stock grants, including approaches to underwater stock options, and what this means for financial planning.

Featuring a panel of equity comp experts. It covered the following topics:

Our new webinar Stock Compensation Bootcamp for Financial Advisors is also available for on-demand viewing. Email webinars@mystockoptions.com for more information about it and future webinars.

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